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The focus of my entire career has been to provide other people with the tools, advice, and help they need to succeed. Catching the vision of others is second nature to me. I get excited with them and help propell them toward the finish line. Even on a personal level, I took up running to help friends get through their miles of training for the Chicago Marathon.

As a fellow small business owner, I have been through the ups and downs of ownership and management in tough times. I can use my insight and experience to help you bring your business through these days of tight credit and reduced consumer spending.

Over the past 12 years, my roles have required me to learn a lot, quickly, on the job, in order to overcome the obstacles that are presented throughout the typical business week. Below, you will find a few examples of how my skills, creativity, and capacity for adapting my knowledge to new situations have made the difference for others and their businesses.

Financial Forecasting

2009-10, CompassionWorx

As CompassionWorx was preparing for an initial round of outside funding, I was hired to create a new financial model for them that incorporated variable inputs and a variety of revenue models. Basically, a decision-making tool that they could use on an ongoing basis. By incorporating "what-if?" analysis into the model, I gave the CEO instant and simple feedback on operational or financial changes to the business plan. My ability to design financial models that provide insight into strategic decision-making and operational planning can make a world of difference for start-ups, saving both time and money.

Business Planning

2009, name withheld before product launch

I was referred to three experienced salesmen and managers in the public infrastructure industries because they had developed an important product and needed to raise cash. I am helping them establish a company, focus their marketing strategy, put real numbers down on paper, and get an investor to believe in them. My ability to integrate their knowledge and experience into an organized business plan with defendable financial projections is propelling them toward investor acceptance.

Technology & Marketing

2009, George Smith Chicago Showroom
George Smith, LLC

Managing an office or showroom requires balancing time between immediate needs and future growth. The Chicago showroom for George Smith, LLC was already working overtime on a showroom makeover in time for Neo-Con. They consulted me on the selection of new technology, improvement of daily processes, and marketing implementation, increasing their time available for working with clients and pursuing new business. My ability to integrate the right technology with specific sales, marketing and administrative tasks helped them use their technology rather than having it use them.

Annual Reports

2008 & 2009, Priority Associates - Chicago
Priority Associates - Chicago

Both not-for-profit businesses and for-profit businesses need income to fulfill their vision. Priority Associates - Chicago asked me to write their annual report, communicating to existing and potential donors the great things that are happening as a result of their donations. My ability to write copy that reflected their values and vision, and then combine it with a clear presentation of their financials, helped them confidently raise money for their organization.

Thinking It Through

2006, Brian Moon, real estate agent

Sometimes all you need is a good sounding board... such as a business advisor or coach. Brian was taking his real estate business to the next level and wanted to think through goals, strategies, processes, and technology. My ability to listen well, understand his business, ask the hard questions, and brainstorm good solutions provided Brian with an actionable road map to achieve his goals. And all it took was a few hours.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile to review my work history, accomplishments, skills, education, connections, and associations. And feel free to connect with me while you are there!

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